This game was made by using C64studio for the C64 Cassette 50 Charity  competition. "Cassette 50" was an infamous collection of games published  by Cascade in 1983 and an early example of shovelware, marketed on the  basis of sheer quantity rather than the quality or playability of its games.  This competition is about creating a brand new compilation tape - with any proceeds to be donated to charity. To help achieve the aesthetic from the opriginal, there is a tight limit on the amount of memory the complete game can use: all code and data is located below $1000 (4K) in the c64 memory....


El Gringo is back in Tombstones! Life as a retired gunslinger has bored our hero so uch that he has applied for a job in the bank as a deputy of security. El Gringo's job is to ward off villains and make sure the moneybags are safely stashed. El Gringo must use all his consentration and keep an eye on the busy entrance doors, as the gun-toting bank robbers come by to make unauthorized  withdrawals. If you shoot him before he robs the bank, you will be rewarded with bonus points/money, BUT if you are to slow to draw your gun, he will run off with all your points/money! Beware of the law abiding customers, if you shoot the innocent all points will also be lost to cover their funeral(s).

Can you help El Gringo reaching the ultimate score??!?


Use a joystick in port two to choose the door you want to fire your gun at.  Moving left shoots at the door to the left, up is the door in the middle  and to the right side you shoot at the door on the right side of the screen.  


"Panic In The Bank" is programmed by Docster, with PETSCII graphics and music by Rotteroy (C) Megastyle and Phoenixware 2020/2021

The game will be made available for downloading March 31st 2021, and is in other words not available for download before that date. This is because this game is part of a competition submission which was made exclusively for the C64 Cassette 50 Charity Competition: 


This game was ranked #3 on the compo. 


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bankpanic.prg 3 kB


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My best score: 1970! Can you beat that??!?

1810 - not quite!

I love it as a big fan of West Bank game! Many thanks for your workings, keep it up! :)


Oh it was nothing! :) But, thanks!! :D

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Nice one Doc! Great entry in the making here.

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Thanks mate! :D