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Thanks for your first Amiga release! We always appreciate every game launched/made available for the Amiga! Great work!

Thank you! :)

Thank you for this - this is my tribute to your game... :)

Thank you for your feedback! And game play! :)

megastyle? more like megakacke. scheisse/10

leb deinen kacktrieb woanders aus du saupreiß *wiederlich*

hehe. Thanks for your feedback! I'll keep it in mind in my next poop game. See you there! :D

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oh god, i think i encouraged him even further. wie-der-lich, lol

It's a little easy tbf, but nicely presented

Thanks! :) Since I don't know how to do different stuff on the Amiga yet (like a sprite multiplexor) - I only had 8 sprites to play with. hehe. There may be a chance there will be an update with more levels. On CharlieFar's stream, they where talking about a timer, so they could do a speed run. I may put that into the game and perhaps do a highscore table for it. Anyway; thanks for your feedback. :)

Nicely done doc.

Thanks mate! :)

Interesting game :)

Thanks! :D